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Handyman & Remodel Services

Let us help you get your Project or To-Do List done!

From installing new interior moldings to building a new set of stairs off the deck, we tackle a wide variety of carpentry projects.  Shaky newel post and railings?  Creaky stairs?  Yep we fix that stuff too.  

Turn a beat up room into a beautiful sanctuary.  We can patch those holes and cracks and make it look like the damage never happened!  While we're at it, lets go over the pink and avocado walls with a paint color you actually like.  Hire Best Man Home Service for your wall and ceiling work, we're the picky painters.  

Been wanting that new motion light and camera for the front porch?  Or how about a new ceiling fan with the lights that dim down?  Wish you had another outlet in the kitchen? We can even swap out the old light in the dining room for an elegant chandelier!  

Is your toilet running?  Let's catch it before it turns into an issue.  Dishwasher from the 70's?  Not sure what's going on with your garbage disposal?  Tired of using that old sink and faucet? We can bring your plumbing into the

21st Century! 

Has time gotten the best of your old windows?  Or was it a baseball?  We can replace your old windows or in some cases, just replace the glass.  Whether it's the front door that leaks air or the bathroom door that doesn't lock, we can bring closure to your door and window problems.  

Calling all weekend warriors!  Take your family on vacation.  When you return all of those nagging projects will be done.  The rotten porch boards, the coat rack that was never installed, or the pictures that never got hung up.  Let's put a list together and get all of that little stuff

out of the way!  

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Cabinets, counter tops, and crown molding.  All new everything or an upgrade here and there.  Whether we're starting fresh or working with what we have Best Man Home Service will create custom kitchen solutions for you based on your style and budget.  

A place where function and beauty should meet, bathrooms can be a pleasure or a pain.  Whether you're hoping to make your dream a reality or you're looking for a modest upgrade, we provide smart, simple, and elegant solutions for your bathroom dilemmas. 

Lets face it, life changes.  As we age certain things in your home may become more of a hassle than an asset. Don't let your house become a prison, let's change it and make it accommodate you.  Alterations like ramps over stairs, widening doorways, installing grab bars in the bathroom, and altering your kitchen cabinets can keep you happy in your home.  

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Get the Best Man for the Job.

Tell us about your projects today!

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